Tuesday, October 14, 2014

My Daughter - "My Crisis Angel"

During childhood, we never heard or even knew the meaning for the words failure and crisis. Our parents never teach us these words, perhaps they just wish and pray that we never come across these words ever in our life.. But it’s not the reality, right?.

Everyone of us has to go through some downtrends/failures/crisis in our lives and try to stand-up against them successfully as much as we could. How quickly one can stand-up and how long he can stay on field is what make him unique, and that’s not possible for everyone without an abundant support and thrust from someone who’s close to his heart.

Won’t you call that thrust as your Crisis Angel? and that’s my 3- year old daughter -who’s striving me the energy to fight against all the crisis and stand tall.
Life is not always easy at your 30, that too if you’re an Indian IT guy. Every day has been so stormy and eventful. There are a lot of tough days when I put all my best efforts, but nothing comes out on my way… There’re times when so many demands & expectations on me ,and I am not able to fulfill any of those…. There are times where I have been subjected to groundless criticisms and offenses…. 

There’re times where I just want to quit all my struggles (towards the goals) and sit lame, but I never give-up!, a simple smile from the cute angel vanishes all the worries of all the crisis.

She motivates me so much that I just have to continue, don't let no obstacles get in my way. She gives me that extra energy to push me further everyday. She shines a light on my life, heaves my strengths , eases my faults and my weaknesses, and help me to see the life positively for ever. I am blessed to have her as my daughter, my crisis angel!

Well, the above rambling of mine is no special. Very very simple and silly crisis that everyone of us face in our day-to-day life. But when there’s a real big disaster strikes your life, you need an extra courage and effort to with stand. When floods wrecked havoc in J&K in early September 2014, hundreds of people came forward to help. Among these selfless volunteers was the team from V.O.I.C.E (Volunteers Online for Impact in Crisis and Emergencies) working via their twitter handle @InCrisisRelief (website InCrisisRelief.org). 

VOICE is a small group of individuals from across the world coordinated the largest citizen-led relief effort ever, with the help of several other Crisis Angels. This group is now doing the same for the flood-ravaged North-Eastern states.

I support their cause #MyCrisisAngel. Do you?

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Prasad SN said...

Interesting take on the topic... we all need an angel in our life crisis or not.. All the best for the contes