Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Lets' Debate!: Moto-G or Xiaomi Mi-3

One of my colleagues was lucky enough to survive the goof-off made by flipkart and has got his Mi-3 on hand today. Man, he’s become a Hero in a single day !

I can’t tolerate,....not just because all the girls are around him :D (for his phone), but also to the fact that Flipkart has reduced the price of Moto-G sharply. Moto-G is selling at 12K, which I bought at 14K not so long, just a few months before.

Got his Mi3 and experienced it to see how better it’s than my Moto-G. The look, the feel, impressive specs and of course the attractive pricing, certainly puts Xiaomi a step above Moto G. I accept Xiaomi-Mi3 easily wins Moto-G.

but a few reasons why I still like the Moto-G:
1. Unconventional UI: Mi-3 comes with their unique build of  MiUi5 , which looks good- but a way different from what I see in Moto G. Moto G’s Android version is almost a stock Android interface with a very few things added by Motorola. But Xiaomi has added/modified a lot to make it unique. Not sure, how good the Chinese software build is :)

2. Software Update: Being a Google company, Motorola will be fast enough to give you updates. It comes with Android KitKat out-of-the-box, nowadays. It is a possibility that it will get the Android L update as soon as Google launches it. Don’t think Xiaomi will put efforts to keep updating. That’s not the way Chinese market works – they keep moving to a newer product, rather than an update of existing product.

3. Gorilla Glass: The rugged display was/is the first thing that attracted me towards Moto-G. My Moto-G is dust, water & scratch resistant. Have fully tested and proven by my daughter a 100+ times :)

4. Dual SIM: Whether you use or not, still the dual-sim has become an norm for India’s mobile market. , And I have seen many people using 2 SIMs very effectively too. Xiaomi has single SIM, that too old bigger normal SIM.

5. Cheap Sensors: I could feel a noticeable lag when changing the screen's orientation. In conservative power mode, there is also a delay when launching some apps. Moto-G is so smooth, incomparable in this counter.

Resemblance with iPhone 5S: Yes, Mi-3 looks a lot like iPhone 5s, front side in particular. Xiaomi must move away from any similarities with Apple. Samsung had [can’t write as “has” :) ]a very, very fat wallet and could withstand most of the Apple's lawsuit attacks. Xiaomi is not a company with such a big pocket, and if Apple decides to take them down, they will definitely be in soup.

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3 Comments to "Lets' Debate!: Moto-G or Xiaomi Mi-3"

Shobhit_skp said...

Yes dude. Cheap Chinese phones can't come close to the quality design of Motorola

Aarun said...

Shobhit dude, Not all Chinese phones are cheap . Xiaomi Mi3 is one of a kind at par with other known makers, still made it available under our budget

Nishant said...

I'll always prefer a US brand moto over a Chinese one :)