Friday, August 6, 2010

En Iniya Iyanthira

Though I’m a heartfelt fan of Writer Sujatha, I never took a chance to read his work ” En Iniya Iyanthira”. Now, the hype over Rajinikanth’s “Endhiran” pushed me to read the Sci-fi flick. It is believed that Endhiran is based on Sujatha's novels En Iniya Iyanthira and Meendum Jeeno.

The plot opens in the year 2021. India is ruled by a dictator-Jeeva. Under Jeeva’s dictatorship, India shines as a developed country, population is kept under control, everywhere and anywhere lay Robots, people are identified only with their social security numbers, and everything is computerized.

Other main characters of the story -Nila,Sibi, and Ravi are planning a coup against Jeeva with a pet robot dog “Jeeno”. Jeano plays an important role throughout the story. As the story proceeds, it behaves and starts to think on its own like a human and commands Nila, a human being to follow his instructions.

I still can’t believe that he wrote this Sci-fiction thriller in early 80’s. What an imagination, Creativity and screenplay!. The first 10pages of the story completely took me to a different world in 2021; Sujatha’s mesmerized me once again!

All Sci-fi lovers,… take a chance to read “En Iniya Iyanthira”. I’m sure you’ll be excited.

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2 Comments to "En Iniya Iyanthira"

Diwakar said...

He is really a great genius who has given an introduction to silicon chip, robotics and many other scientific facts with his simple understandable language.

Eventhough he is in Seventies, his writings used to have the naughtiness of the Teens.

Komesh said...

Bye the way how ROBO is going to be made. Its a great loss to the ROBO Team. Sujatha only could pen script for like movies. He was the only person who could handle THIRAIKATHAI, VASANAM,.