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I support Jallikattu

It’s really sad to see a lot of outcry on “Jallikattu Ban” all over media. Especially now since the Central government has lifted the ban officially, the so called animal rights activists makes a lot of wrong propaganda all over the media.

As a person who’s seen and experienced the traditions and reasons behind Jallikattu, I feel I should clear-out some misconceptions and wrong advertising.

First of all, believe me: I am a vegetarian, not because of any religious reasons, but of moral reasoning. I do love animals and I too fight against the animal cruelty; But I support Jallikattu and am against banning it. Let me explain why!

The actual name of the sport is: Eru Thazhuvuthal meaning ‘Embracing / Hugging the Bull’, not bull baiting. Jallikattu is an ancient tradition. The seals of the Indus Valley civilization proofs that this sport was in trend 5,000 years ago. Many ancient Indian (not just Tamil) literatures of 2nd BC have detailed references to Eru Thazhuvuthal.

If you are comparing Jallikattu with the Spain bull fight, then you’re completely wrong. Spain bulls are trained to be dumb and vigor, whereas our bulls are trained to be intelligent and sharp. Jallikattu is like a game of tag between the bull and the players. And the bulls are intelligent enough to evade the players. Each bull takes only 20 - 30 seconds to complete their turn in the arena, and I think not even Superman can do the so called " torture" to the bulls during that short interval:)

And very importantly @separatists, please be aware: All classes of people and all castes take part in Jallikattu. There is an egalitarian standpoint where it’s people and their cattle, nothing more nothing less. Please go and check it yourselves.

Now, coming to the main reason...Why I support and Why PETA is so keen in banning Jallikattu – NATIVE BREEDS & A2 MILK

Many of us do not know the difference between an Indian cow and a western cow. The cows you see on the streets now are hybrid-western cows., they produce unhealthy A1 milk what we all drink nowadays. The native cow breeds of our country has a hump on it's back and it gives nutritious, safe A2 milk.

To explain further: There are two types of cow's milk: A1 & A2. The main difference between the A1 & A2 milk is their protein components – A1 & A2 Beta Caseins.

The A1 beta casein is a toxic component while the A2 is harmless and safe. It has micronutrients like cytokines and minerals which enhances your immune system. But the western cow's milk gets digested differently and is not suitable for human consumption!

Bottom line is: Your mother's milk is A2 and so is the Indian cow's. If you want to know more read The A2 milk case: a critical review 


Here you come, the reason of bringing-up the Jallikattu bulls are not just for the sport, but mainly for servicing the cows.

During Jallikattu, all the healthy and strong bulls are brought and exhibited. Small farmers who cannot afford bulls, take a note of the top agile bulls and seek them for servicing their cows.

The intricate connect between these events and Tamilnadu farming process can be seen from the chronological timeline of these events; Jallikattu happen first (where they exhibit the bulls), then the shandies’ (markets where they trade/seek the bulls) and then the main farming season starts.

Unlike the western bull, one bull which was raised for Jallikattu can service up to 40 cows., which were a big problem for the western semen selling companies. If they are to sell semen the Bulls should die or become redundant.

First they tried to make the bulls “redundant”, like the introduction of tractors. I am not against mechanization. But the machines should only make the work of men and animals (in this case) easier. Not make them redundant. The tractors made half the bulls unemployed. Even men don’t find a place in their house if they are unemployed. So there was no place for bulls too :)
But, still some people were caring for their long tradition of having stud bulls So the western milk & semen companies decided to kill all the native breed bulls!!!! , using the animal activist groups for campaigning and passed the “Cow slaughter law”.

Have you ever read the rules of Cow Slaughter Law. Read the judgement here.  In summary,
  • Any Bull that is incapable of reproducing and any cow that is incapable of producing milk can be killed.
  • Any bull that is not verified by the authorities or in other terms “The Organisation permits this Bull to reproduce on whatever grounds” should not be allowed to reproduce. Else the Organisation has the right to cut off the Bull’s balls.
Basically the law says “If they are not useful to human, kill them”; satisfying the lobbying of western milk & semen companies. Don’t you see Coca-Cola has already started selling “Milk” in India!

Now Jallikattu is the only reason which makes a common farmer who is not well-educated, who’s not aware of A1/A2 milk, who is still unaware of the business politics behind the so called “milk revolution” – to keep his bull alive!!

So please don’t scribble against Jallikattu, without understanding any history or reasoning behind it. If you really care for animals, please protect the native breeds which are in the edge of extinction!. 

I support #savejallikattu

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8 Comments to "I support Jallikattu"

JKM said...

Well writtem article on Jallikattu in English, don't remember many such articles in English. My Praises to the author!

It is unfortunate that we have people advocating for ban on Jallikattu at same time not one even protesting for protection of native breeds! not a single government sponsored or supported program in whole nation . Unfortunately the SC of India - APex body also seems to be carried away by versions & perceptions of so called Animal rights activists.

Paula Renee said...

It is neither art nor culture to rub chili pepper into bulls' eyes, force-feed them alcohol and jab them with sticks and knives. Jallikattu shows a callous disregard for animals and should be permanently banned across the country.

Rathinamani said...

@Paula Renee: Please say specifically in which jallikattu event, where & how who used chilli powder, force-feed alcohol? AWBI has registered all Jallikattu Bulls with them, they have all particulars & info of each & every Bull part of said Jallikattu event. Till date not even a single complaint was registered with TN Govt or police by AWBI or Peta on villagers for any of the above said false accusations!

Mahalakshmi said...

Hi Paula, Do you rub chilli powder in your child's eyes? What you insinuate is similar. Our cattle are like our children. And we know that we don't give alcohol or rub chilli powder to our children. Know your facts before you advertise wrongly.

Kavi Venkat said...

@paula :Did u even read the full article which is there above?? Or have u ever seen jallikattu in ur whole life?? This is jallikattu and they are playing jallikattu and they are not doing a party with alcohol and red chilly flavoured beef biriyani. Understand that first.

Kavi Venkat said...

@paula: Did u even read the full article which is there above?? Or have u ever seen jallikattu in ur whole life?? This is jallikattu and they are playing jallikattu and they are not doing a party with alcohol and red chilly flavoured beef biriyani. Understand that first.

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