Monday, October 31, 2016

Hoe het Zo Kwam Dat de Ramenlapper Hoogtevrees Kreeg

I watched my first ever Dutch movie yesterday, and I am glad that it was so pleasant and felt good (though I don’t understand the language well).

“Hoe het Zo Kwam Dat de Ramenlapper Hoogtevrees Kreeg” is a romantic comedy short film of about 50minutes, was telecasted on NPO in the “One Night Stand” series. The movie is about Alfred, a 65 years old window cleaner.

Just one day before the start of his pension and just a few hours before his 65th birthday, Alfred suddenly finds himself stricken by vertigo. Fear strikes high on the ladder, just below the window of Dirkje, for whom he harbors a secret love for 44 years.

A dizzying history of 64 years and 364 days reveals that Alfred, as accidental Cupid, had been the reason for many love lives, but never had a luck to get himself arrowed. But today, 44 years after meeting Dirkje for the first time, Alfred realizes that it is high time that he has to point the arrow at himself at least by now and goes to propose to Dirkje.

The story/screenplay in the beginning was bit lagging and boring, but the movie gets you involved with-in 15minutes. Especially, things like Bright colors all over the movie, always sunny shots, an eloquent voice- which explains many shots extensively in detail, calm piano solo soundtrack all made the movie alive.

Overall, it’s a very good attempt of a tragic romantic comedy. My first dutch movie was not disappointing at all :)

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