Saturday, September 17, 2016

In the train..

The trains here, have silent coaches #Stiltecoupe with the “Stilte/Silence” logos. In these coaches everyone is supposed to be silent. No phone calls, no chats inside these coaches!

Silence.. Pin drop silence inside !!!!. It’s a rule that is taken seriously, and there’s always someone in these coaches who will play policeman if you do chat for sure :)

I was on such a stiltecoupe last evening, reading a book and enjoying a quiet travel – till that cute little girl and her father got-in. They seem to be Britons, touring Holland; the girl was full of energy and excitement, she got into the coach skipping and screaming (same as my daughter; P), and they both took a seat adjacent to me.

Little Girl: Pappa, Pappa … Papppaaaa….

Father: what?
(As usual, an old lady warned them “IT IS A SILENT COACH !!!!”)

Father: sshhh… we’re in a silent coach baby, we need to speak with inner voice, you can’t speak louder!
(The girl was silent for a moment, and then started...)

Little Girl:(in a loud voice) Pappa.. Pappa…it’s important…
I just forgot how to speak with my inner voice :) .. What should I do now !!!

Not just her father, I also started laughing out loud!! Of course, many others looked us like crazy morans ; but who cares ?, I still enjoy the moment! #amsterdam

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