Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Visaaranai - A realistic, raw and riveting story

Vetrimaaran is back with his third movie “Visaaranai”, with no hurry, almost 4 years after winning a national award.

It is the story of four young men who get imprisoned and exploited by the cops for their selfish motives and who are forced to prostrate in front of the bureaucratic system for series of reasons. The movie has a number of intricate layers within it.

The success of the screenplay is,  every audience could see from both from the victim's’ perspective as well from the cops side., who too feel helpless and let down as the victims of the so called “system”.

The police station and the bureaucratic system behind the entire drama naturally creates cold waves through our spine. We find it hard to see and digest such bitter truth, but these are the men that we face daily, people whom we lay our faith to protect us from harm and whom we got to go for many of our issues.

This movie is based on a true story that was penned as a novel by M. Chandra Kumar , who is the lone surviving victim of this dark and disturbing tale, the screenplay was adapted to suit the sensibilities without any botheration towards commercial elements.

I would say, “Visaaranai” is worth all the hype. An unbending, hard-hitting and spine-chilling attempt to uncover the abuse of power. The movie doesn't preach or do mere talking, rather it exposes a shock of the reality today. And it makes you think - because this could happen to you too!

Great Work Vetrimaaran. Take a bow!

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