Friday, February 12, 2016

The Great Indian Education System

Why most of the Indians in abroad, send their kids to International school, never wish for the local government schools?

Agree with the reason, most of us are uncertain about our stay in the foreign country and have a fear about kids’ education when we go back to India.  So it’s perfect to go for an English speaking school. But I get a different reason, keep hearing from fellow Indians:

Man, what are they teaching here? Our 1st-grade kid studying in India will know more than a 4th grade student here (Europe, US)”

Is it true? Are they still thinking that India is an education powerhouse — based largely on the reputation of a few islands of academic excellence such as the #IITs and some big Indian names in big companies like #Google, #Microsoft,..etc, or based on their own successful life?
Just read a news that India has refused to participate in the OECD’s PISA survey this year too, when the other Asian countries outperform rest of the world.
Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) is a survey, conducted annually to evaluate education systems worldwide by the #OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development). The survey is based on two-hour tests that half a million students are put through, three categories – Mathematics, Science and Reading Comprehension.

India did participate in the tests in 2012, our students from all over India participated in the screening tests and students from only two states - Himachal Pradesh and Tamilnadu were able to score more nationally and make it to the global tests. Rest is the history!

In math, what we always considered as India's strong point, our kids finished second and third to the last position, beating only Kyrgyzstan. No wonder in science either, we again secured the 73rd and 74th position.

The sad part is: India refused to send our kids for the OECD’s PISA from 2013, quoting #PISA evaluation is not in-line with Indian Education SystemJ.  Well, we are always good at blaming others for our weakness!

There is a fundamental flaw in our education system which encourages only memorizing something and reproducing the same on answer sheets including punctuation marks.

The average 15-year-old Indian kid is over 200 points behind the global topper. Comparing the scores, will you still say that an Indian 1st grader is at the level of a 4th grader in Europe? Let’s accept the reality, stop arguing for some false prides!

Let's get rid of the illusion that Indian education system is highly intelligent. Completely to the contrary, we are taught and trained to be "smart", even cunning, to get ahead, because of competition and corruption. Our schools never teach to learn the knowledge; they just aim to get you more marks or to secure a job. This is why India ranks 119 on the Human Development Index, while achieving a growth rate over 8%, which is  unhealthy !

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8 Comments to "The Great Indian Education System"

Anonymous said...

Why is there this "deafening slilence" in the mainstream media on this. Is it incredulity or this does not fit into what they want to feed their readers / viewers which is about individual achievements by Indians and how great and smart, we are.

Steve Sailer said...

India still has major problems with nutrition, both in total calories consumed by the poor and in consumption of the micronutrients iodine and iron, which are needed to avoid IQ-sapping medical conditions such as cretinism.

Mohan Manohar said...

Very interesting.

Anonymous said...

Personally I do not believe that the quality of education in India is poor. So my suspicion went to the procedure in which this test was conducted, and whether it was a biased questionnaire to Chinese and Singapore., and on what basis they selected HP and TN schools to participate in the event?

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shubham varshney said...

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