Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Should you support Free Basics ?

We are so addicted to the word “free” and even without understanding, we just sign-up for everything!. How can a person who wanted “Net neutrality” can now support the “Free Basics” ?, If you do so, you have not understood both the words !!

About 1 year ago, Facebook launched "" in India and it failed miserably as it was against the #netneutrality. Now, they have just smartly renamed the same as ``Free Basics``, thought Indians will not ever say 'no' to whatever is given for free!.

What is Free Basics ? : #FreeBasics is a platform launched by Facebook in partnership with Reliance in India, where some basic internet websites will be available free of cost (Check out here for all the websites available for free as per Reliance's website). That means, you don't have to pay internet charges for the data usage on any of the mentioned websites. However, if you enter into other websites, then you will have to pay the internet charges. And it’s Facebook (and possibly their parent telecom operator) decide on what websites to be enabled and what content to be displayed.

My simple question:  Why do we need anything for free? Whoever supporting/signing the petition are already capable to afford a paid internet!. In India, a monthly internet charge even now also is less than a single movie ticket !

Nothing is available for “free” in this world; and no company (especially, Reliance and Facebook) are running for charity. #Facebook is going to easily get a very big community for their advertisements and #Reliance is aiming to get a big customer base and business thru’ this bandwagon.

All we need is an unrestricted, un-curated internet, you decide whether it’s free or paid. And you call it as “Basics” or “Advanced”!. It’s up to you to support or oppose – but do it after your own reasoning!!

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1 Comment to "Should you support Free Basics ?"

Ruby Terrasa said...

The Freebasics is an old w(h)ine in a new bottle. As you said, FB is thinking that Indians will never say No to anything given for free.