Sunday, December 27, 2015

Pasanga 2

Everyone call the movie as “preachy”; but what is wrong in it? Let it be…it’s the “need of the hour” for India. #Pasanga 2 points out the issues of Indian education system. It’s is a movie about children, parenthood and parents misunderstanding on the idea and purpose of education.

The story revolves around two hyperactive kids Kavin and Nayana, who are a nightmare to their parents, teacher, and even to their neighbours. Their over naughtiness drives everyone wild and makes them move from school after school and in-turn, different houses and different areas of relocation!.

At one point of time, they move-in to an apartment where they meet an ideal family of Suriya – a child psychiatrist and Amala Paul – a  teacher with their two kids. Surya finds that Kavin and Nayana are suffering from ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder),  and they help them to come out of it.  They eventually soothe the harassed and embarrassed parents; and make them to understand their parenting mistakes too!.

 While many directors in Tamil industry are using cinema as just a money making business, We should welcome Director #Pandiraj who has a sincere concern for families and kids. He makes us think about the commercialization of today’s education system, rank-oriented race, and scarcity of 'family time' in our busy lifestyle...

 I agree that #Pasanga2 is preachy, to the extent that in a scene, Surya is literally teaching a some parents about childcare and family values with a white board and a marker J! but as I said already “it’s the need of the hour”. For some of the sharp-valued dialogues, I myself nodded in agreement, for the mistakes that I have done or doing as a parent!.

If we overlook the drama and listen to what Pandiraj says, we – as a parent definitely have a lot from the film to take home!.

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2 Comments to "Pasanga 2"

Prashanth Nair said...

A lot of impressive one liners .... Loved them specially being among the world of action filled one liners .... Nice movie for all the parents and to be parents 🏻🏻🏻 I m lucky that my mom was like Surya

Sakthivel Murugan said...

Good msg for parents.... Nice movie....