Sunday, December 6, 2015

Chennai Floods - Nature’s fury !

Feeling extremely sorry for the people of #chennaifloods and #Cuddalore. Many people, even those who lived in proper/luxury buildings have also lost all their belongings with the #flood waters.

When a city develop, it’s infrastructure should also get developed at the same or faster pace!!!. But unfortunately this did not happen in Chennai; Well not only Chennai; I would say most of the Indian Cities). I myself have lived in Bangalore, I know that a 2-3 days of rain is more enough to chock the city to halt. I guess same is the story for Mumbai and Kolkata as well ?

It would say, it’s a warning signal for all the Indian cities. Chances are we won't listen to the warnings. We will continue to build by covering up water bodies :( ; but still at least some of us should take a lesson from this disaster and correct ourselves.

And it’s the high time that the government should really think to build large monsoon drains and canals and channel rainwater to man-made reservoirs. It will elevate our summer water problem as well. The present map of the cities must be compared with the maps of 1950-1960, to see the differences in the green belts, lakes, water bodies, rivers, streams etc. If any water reservoir, drainage area or other environmentally sensitive areas are found to be encroached upon, then the government must restore them and also prevent further encroachments.

Above all, we as a responsible citizens, should never throw our rubbish and waste into monsoon drains and canals to chock them. 

It's really awful to see the picture of people leaving Chennai in groups :(

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