Saturday, March 14, 2015

Statue Code: Horse and Rider

Read an interesting article claiming, a code in sculpting the statues for the war heroes., they say that the horse’s legs position tells the story of the rider. 
  • If one leg is raised, the rider was wounded in battle.
  • If two front legs are raised, it means that the rider had died in battle.
  • If all four legs are on the ground, then he survived the battle/war. 
I am not sure, whether this is really true or just a myth.

Actually I did a piece of research without even moving out of my deskJ - looked up some famous statues on “Google Images”, and then looked up the biographies of the people depicted to see how they died. And it’s very interesting to see a plenty of statues do follow this rule.However I can’t find any authorized source on it..  Interesting!!! Isn't it?

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