Monday, March 2, 2015

Moving to Belgium (Part-2): Work Permit & Visa Guide

Foreign nationals who wish to work in Belgium must need a work permit. However, the nations of the European Union Countries and Swiss do not require the work permit.

There are three different types of work permit:
  • Work permit type A : This is valid for all salaried professions and all employers, for an unlimited period
  • Work permit type B : This work permit valid for one employer for a period of one year, however this can be renewed at the end of every year – typically all the employers will process this category only, as this work permit is bonded with them.
  • Work permit type C: for any salaried profession with any employer for a limited duration. This work permit is issued to foreigners who are allowed to reside here for reasons other than employment.
If you are a potential employee for Type-A & C , you must apply for work permits A and C yourself, have to submit the application file to the provincial Dienst Arbeidsmigratie.

Type-B work permit can be applied and obtained only by the employer. Along with the below documents and applications, your employer will file the petition at the Belgium officials, through their attorneys.

In an ideal scenario, you’ll get your work permit approval in about 2-3 weeks.

Documents Required for Work Permit:
Below are the documents need to be submitted along with the work permit application.
1.       Resume: should be updated from the first project of your career till date.
2.       Project Description – Short Description of the project at Belgium
3.       Degree Certificates
4.       Copy of IT returns for the recent two years
5.       Copy of Bank statements for last 3 months
6.       Color scanned copy of all the pages of the passport
7.       Copy of Medical Reports – only from the hospitals, authorized by the Belgium Immigration
8.       Acknowledgment received from EPFO COC or Employer signed form received from EPFO COC after submission
9.       Photographs – 3 Nos , as per Belgium Visa Specifications.

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