Friday, March 20, 2015

Katrathum Petrathum (கற்றதும் பெற்றதும்)

KatrathumPetrathum, is a superb collection of Sujatha’s essays that came as a series in Anantha Vikatan periodical. I was one of the regular readers of Anantha Vikatan at that time, and I must have already read most of Kattradhum pettradhum.

Each essay is unique and from a wide range topics - some from his real life experiences, some are science dissertations, some about literature, history, culture, a few short stories, a little bit of local and politics, books, cinema,… and what not? This book talks about almost all the topics; I could think of. It’s a great compilation !!!

Few lines of the books have made me think about that topic for days and months. And few essays have made me realize, feel, get emotional and even to laugh out loud….. Too many intellectual pieces!!!!

No doubt that #Sujatha is a clever writer and, more importantly, a very knowledgeable in many fields. And so I have no wonder why he was such a popular writer with everyone - his readers, cinema industry people, editors of publishing companies, media, etc.

If you want to read, you can download an ebook here

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1 Comment to "Katrathum Petrathum (கற்றதும் பெற்றதும்)"

Aravind said...

Thanks bro for sharing it ... i liked it a lot ... and eager to read your travelogues, as i have also travelleed to eurpope just like to see what i have not covered ......