Saturday, January 17, 2015

Ai (2015) - Tamil Movie

OK! my 1st movie review post of the year is “Ai” – the biggest project of Indian film Industry, so far. Ai a romantic- thriller flick, directed by Shankar, with Vickram and Amy Jackson as the lead actors.

Coming to the plot:  Vikram is an upcoming body builder who becomes Mr. Madras (Telgu, Hindu versions may have different titles like Mr. AP or Mr.Delhi.. or so) and he aspires to become Mr.India. Also he’s madly in love with a top model Amy Jackson. Due to certain circumstances, Amy approaches Vickram to act in an Ad film with her. She gives him the necessary makeover, and in the process of the shoot, they fall in love with each other.

But howcome an Indian romantic movie can go without a twist in the love ? here too a turn arises. Amy’s professional enemies got envy on Vickram and shot him with a deadly virus called “I”. The virus changes Vickram’s appearance upside down as well his life. Rest of the story is about how he takes revenge on all the villains who did this to him.

What do I feel: To start with the cast, I would say no one other than Vickram could have done these characters so well – An aspiring body builder, a super stylish model, a haunting hunchback and a playing a beast. He has outclassed in all the three get-ups. Vikram’s hard work can be seen in every frame. Amy is just awesome, looks so glamourous and tried her best to perform also. Santhanam and other supporting crew also look good. The making of choreograph ,action sequences and make-ups are excellent and truly international.

What goes bad was the un-gripping screenplay of Shankar :( . Shankar missed to create an interesting screen play , seems to be badly missing late writer – Sujatha. The movie itself is very lengthy, runs for 3hours+ and sadly it feels more than that. And A.R.Rahman’s music is also not that catchy. Whatever, still I would recommend to watch my friends for Vikram's effort.

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