Saturday, December 13, 2014

Lingaa Experience

This post is not a review of Rajinikanth’s “Lingaa Movie”. There are million other sites and bloggers to write about it, or I should I say – have written already (before even the movie got screened in India :P ). I just recollect my connect to Rajni movie releases here.

Rajinikanth’s films are not just movies. It’s an experience.

I love that experience start from my childhood. One that will make you scream, whistle, blast and just go crazy. You’ll experience the magic only in theatres, will never get it if you watch in DVD.Rajni movies are the only ones that I hold a record of watching only in theatres. Have never missed the fun, start from his one of the bests “Thalapathi”., let me be in Tirunelveli or Chennai or Bangalore – even when I was in the US.

Lingaa experience too did not disappoint me. Infact I am so happy this time, since we had a new fan joined us to cheer for thalivar -  my 3.5 years old daughter :P

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