Saturday, November 8, 2014

Pondicherry's Architectural Split

French rule got over in the late 50’s itself, but the architecture marvels created by them are still standing beautiful and influencing the current day town’s plan and architecture. All the streets are retaining their French names even today; Many restaurants, shops, and even government buildings still carrying the french names and their influence.

In the colonial times, the city was divided into the White town and the Black town, interestingly, this can be still perceived in the architecture.

The White Town (popularly known as the French Colony), is by the sea side, all the buildings are inspired by French Architecture. They are all usually in yellow or orange in colour., which makes the whole experience of walking around them remarkable.
As soon as we move a little further, we can see the buildings that are Franco-Tamil and which mark the Tamil Quarter. The Tamil Quarter of Pondicherry is a place where cultures not only met, but melted.

Many Churches and houses are standing tall as the evidence for the harmonious blend of the two contrasting architectures, recognizable by the columns and the fine detail of sculpting on the wood.
It was fascinating to see the changing look of the buildings.Walking around these streets itself is a feast for the eyes!

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