Sunday, November 9, 2014

A Healthy Child Makes A Happy Home

A house may look gorgeous and have all luxury amenities, but still it’s not rich until you have a child playing over  there! Children adds color to every home, they add-up the joy of the entire family.

Our home is also blessed to have an angel, my 3 years old daughter. She’s very naughty and super smart. And of course, she makes every weekday morning as so dreadful as possible...

“Baby, its’ getting very late, pls come and have your bath”....
“Where’ the hell is her ID card”, 
“where did you put her belt? “ 

I’ll be screaming, while her mother was begging behind her for feeding some food . But the little one will be enjoying our tension,and simply running around frantically :P

The whole house would be so active and busy in the mornings, until she leaves for the school. Though I pretend to be (or get real) anger sometimes, I truly enjoy the morning fun on most of the days. She gives us a tough warm-up for the day!

But the whole scene gets changed, when she fell in sick :( .The entire house would change unmoving and the day become completely lifeless. Every one of would be worried, our faces would almost forget the smile until she recovers.

The day itself starts very late , as we wouldn't have slept well in the previous night. No morning tea, no newspaper, some times no proper breakfast too. My wife would be trying all her home remedies , allopathy, ayurveda, homeopathy…and what not. She’d be going crazy almost showing all her worries and fears on me :P.

Every parent hates to see their children struggle with sick; Every hour (if not in minutes) we attentively check their temperature and look for signs of recovering like a hunter looks for his treasure. Even after going to office, our mind keep revolving over the kid ; keep calling and checking the signs of recovery…

We wish we could have a magic wand to instantly heal the little ones illness and relieve from their discomfort. It’s very true that a healthy child makes a happy home. When the child fall sick, indeed the entire home falls sick!!!

PS: This post is submitted for Indiblogger happy hours, for with Dabur Chyawanprash #ImmuneIndia campaign.

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