Saturday, October 11, 2014

Won Indiblogger CarConnect Contest

India’s largest blog aggregator – Indiblogger is continuously enabling different platforms and initiatives to pep-up our writing skills, and the CarConnect Contest conducted by them was one among them. The contest was to submit any of your long driving experience at the and write a review post about their website. Indiblogger in association with

Me – the typical lazy bugger :P surprisingly took part in the contest, submitted my Kentucky Road trip experience as the entry post at and wrote a review about their website at my blog. And “WoW” , my posts have managed to find a place among the “Winners” !!!

Winning Post: My Kentucky Trip 
And my review Post: Experience the

I could not win the 1st and 2nd spots (I know my writing is far far away from the top prizes)., but feeling happy that I could make out a place in the next spot at least ; rewarded with INR. 1000 worth Flipkart vouchers. The amount doesn’t matter at all. It’s the appreciation keeps your spirits up and boosts your energy to do well, Isn’t it? This Win really means a lot to me.

Thank you Indiblogger , and all the readers !!!

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4 Comments to "Won Indiblogger CarConnect Contest"

Felix said...

Congrats Ganesh! May this appreciation takes you to the next milestone in blogging!

Anitha Rajakani said...


Pon Ganesh said...

Thanks Felix :)

Rajesh Ramachandran said...

Kalakku Kalakku :)