Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Promenade Beach

Promenade Beach is one of the famous attractions of Pondicherry. It is stretched about 1.2 km and looks out to the sea - Bay of Bengal. We’re lucky that our hotel was located just a hundred meters from the Promenade beach, and we thoroughly enjoyed the time at the Promenade.

The Promenade is the focal point of Pondicherry town; its name came from being the promenade (meaning: a paved public walk along a waterfront) of the French tradition of town. The beach attracts visitors from morning to late night. While in the morning, it’s mostly the health lovers of all age walking up & down the promenade, and the rest of it’s day is also busy, we could see travelers and locals visiting it.

Promenade is not like other regular beaches. It’s completely rocky, you can’t get down into the waters, the government has put big stones to keep the town safe against the big sea waves. Just have pleasant walk all along , sit on the rocks, listen to the music of the waves!!!.

We twice had a leisurely walk along the promenade beach. The 1.2 Km stretch of Promenade has several landmarks: It starts with the statue of Mahatma Gandhi and end with the statue of Dupleix. In between, we could witness The War memorial, the heritage town hall / Customs building, the old light house, and the remains of the old pier...etc. You just walk along the promenade and sure you’ll get soaked in the history of rich colonial past.

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