Sunday, October 5, 2014

Madras - Movie Review

Story revolves around a wall of a housing board building in North Madras, which is used for publicity of a political party - picture of the local party leader is painted on the wall. When the party becomes two, ownership of this wall creates a major dispute between them which often ends spilling blood at both ends. The story also depicts a deep friendship between Kaali (Karthi) and Anbu (Kalaiarasan) who live in the area.

Anbu is the youth leader of one the parties and is often used as a pawn by the leader of the party. When Anbu is targeted and sacked by the opposition, his friend Kaali is also drawn into the world of politics and revenge.

Director Pa.Ranjit has given a native theme throughout the movie, which engages the audience from the first shot to the end; His casting is also good, except the hero and heroine :(. Karthi has given a good performance after along time and played the character well, but somehow I am not fully convinced, feel that Dhanush or Vijay Sethupathy would have done better.

Kalaiarasan who plays Anbu has given wonderful performance who even dominates the screen in the majority of the first half. Catherin Teresa’s role as well her apperance in the movie is not so appealing.

Songs are good, but the placement of songs makes the movie dragging, especially in the second half. The end also is very cinematic and abrupt which makes the movie incomplete. Art direction and Camerawork are aesthetically done and makes the audience feel the essence of North Madras.

Except for reminding the earlier North Madras films at times and a few dragging scenes here and there, the film is is a decent attempt. If you like the north-madras nativity and movies like Pudhupettai and Pollathavan, you’ll surely like the “Madras” too.

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