Saturday, August 23, 2014

Why Do I Write ?

After seeing my milestone post, one of my friends called me, congratulated ironically and asked “ why do you write?” , “What do you earn by blogging” and even argued that I am actually wasting my time, that 1 hour I spend for writing !

That’s true. I don’t "earn" much, except a few ¢ents/day that come from the sidebar adverts-  certainly not enough even for a single dinner (forget about family :P). Then "time" : yes, the 40-60 minutes I spend for my blog, is also really a big thing with my current workloads., that can be spent with family , friends, or for sleeping extra time at least :) . But still why do I write.

The answer is simple: I do it because I enjoy it. 

Reading and Writing has always been my favorite /passion or whatever you call it.

1. It makes me to think better : Writing starts from thinking. I read a lot and dig deep on the topic I write. It develops my overall thinking capability, be it a R&D engineering design, a business presentation or at least to make something creative for my wife &  kid  :P

2. I become a better writer : Writing is like every other habit/hobby- gets better and better with practice. Blogging does not force you to become a better writer, but it’ll just happen as we do it.

3. It serves as a digital diary on the cloud: Whenever I read my old posts such as My first flight experience , Niagara Trip, Chicago tour...they take me completely back to those days and make me to remember every minute fun of it. My blog is like a personal journal of my life that is recorded in the cloud , which will never be lost / destroyed.

4. I get connect with new people : Through Comments ,Shares , Likes… every day  I make new friends. The blogging community is definitely is very encouraging, friendly and genuinely appreciating my efforts.

Last but not the least,
5. It’s free :)  : Google, Wordpress, and many more people are there to create and maintain your blog without spending a single paisa. So if you get inspired by my words, you can start your blog right away, at $0 cost !!!

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3 Comments to "Why Do I Write ?"

Silviu said...

Most people these days start blogging just for money. I was no exception. Later they find blogging is a beautiful way to express themselves and start using it as such. However, blogging is too general. You need to blog about something. You’ll blog about what really interest you or about your passion.

Lorraine Reguly said...

I just happen to be here through my friends FB and I must say your post is awesome! I enjoyed every point you shared about blogging and also the infographic.

Jeevan Jacob John said...

First time on your blog, so nice to meet you ;).Well, I don’t have a blog now. But, I don’t need a blog to be blogging, right? ;) I had quit blogging an year ago (September ’12 to be accurate). But, few backs ago, I decided to get back to it.

Blogging is so satisfying – in terms of learning, in terms of helping people and so forth. People have asked me also why I blog. Anyway, you've given a good reply to all of them.