Friday, August 8, 2014

Vijayakanth – The Real “Super Hero”


This post is an effect of watching Vijaykanth’s "Narashimha", preceded by "Sudeshi" in KTV today. That too when I am back in my bachelorhood, wife and kid are not in town. I truly enjoyed the movies :)

If you are really bored to the core and want a funny movie to watch, download any of the “Action” movies by ‘Vijayakanth”. All his recent action movies are super comedies to watch, except” Ramana”.

This guy has given some awesome movies in the past, but of late due to his interest towards politics, he acts only in roles as the rescuer/liberator of India.  No wonder, we all from Tamil Nadu call him as “Gapton”( This is how you should pronounce, but it "Captain" actually)

I just completed Sudeshi and a half in Narasimha”. Guys if you are in depression, here’s my prescriptions, two movies that will cure all your worries and make you like a child, laughing out loud :)  , You sure going to have a stomach ache due to laughter….


I still can't decide which one is the better entertainer among the above two. Both are equally great :)

Come-on Gapton, leave the politics and come back to full-time cinema. But, please continue to choose the same kind of scripts that we like ; you’ll surely rise up more to the greater standard. We are waiting :)

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