Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Tasty "Jigarthanda" - A new genre of movie !

The first thing that anyone can say after watching Jigarthanda is that it’s a new genre of movie (in Tamil industry at least).

It’s a story of an aspiring director who attempts making an action movie on a don's life, decides to follow such a living ganster in Madurai and in the attempt, he gets caught by the don’s group. Till this point the movie is paced with complete action, seriousness and leaves the audience in suspense for the interval. The first half makes really a fast paced action movie.

After the interval, the movie has an surprising twist ,where in the gangster (Assault Sethu) himself gets interested in the movie on his life and gives all the details that the director wanted. But what happens after that is completely what I never expected., was a super twist with loads of humor. The second half is a bit lengthy and also drags a bit ; but the brilliant screen play and the performance of actors compensates for those negatives.

Siddarth (as Karthick - an inspiring director) does his part well ; but it’s Bobby Simha (as Assault Sethu) overshadowed everyone else whenever he is on screen. Assault Sethu’s character is scripted so powerful, that even after seeing bobby as a comedian in quite a few movies earlier, I never felt it anywhere in the first half. Karunakaran (as Siddarth’s friend) is another remarkable casting. I always believe that a good film maker is one who gives definition to each character in his movie. And Karthik Subburaj has done it splendidly.

It is completely a new treatment of a gangster based story. From the date of its first teaser, I always had a feel that Jigirthanda would be a radical gangster genre movie like Pudhupettai. But, it broke my illusion and makes out a path breaking genre. I would say, the director has justified the “Jigarthanda” title – meaning a Hot & Cool dish (Hot 1st half and a Super Cool 2nd Half). And his Jigarthanda tastes good too :)

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