Monday, August 4, 2014

Sathuranga Vettai - An Indianised Con Movie

Sathuranga Vettai is a Tamil black comedy / Con film scripted and directed by debutant H. Vinoth, produced by Manobala . Renowned Camera man Natarajan Subramaniam played the lead role and the music is scored by Sean Roldan.

The director keeps us hooked with a list of well-known scams. From selling an ordinary snake for 5Lakhs to a greedy man who believes that the snake could turn in to Rs 15 crore worth, over the night ; how a company MLM (indirectly pointing Amway) sells bathtub tap water as a herbal water that can cure cancer; Emu farms ; a gold scam ; to the extreme of Rice Pulling :) - each episode is better than the previous one, backed by equally funny and powerful dialogues that’s a big plus point of the movie.

The movie is brilliant , but do not have a consistency, particularly in the 2nd half. There are moments that are exceptionally superb as well as a few dumb. May be the director has been compelled to take the track of commercial cinema., to match with their promo of “ An Indianised Con Movie” :(

Amidst some negatives, it still makes a good movie. I enjoyed it. would suggest it as a must watch -  to see how weak we are, and how easily be exploited by clever cheaters preying on our greed.

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