Thursday, August 21, 2014

I like the "Like" button

Today, while I was scrolling down the Facebook page, some odd question popped in my mind..."why do I click the “like” button?". Here are some of the answers I got...

1.       I really like what I read.
2.       I do so that the post will appear on my timeline / News feed
3.       I just want to acknowledge that I read something.
4.       I do not want to comment anything on the post (& /) there’s no “dislike” button :P

Out of the above four, the reason#3 is why I mostly click the like button a lot nowadays; and I don’t hide the fact that reason#4 closely follows it :P.  Not only me, most of us do the same thing only, right?

Whether we really like it or not, just click a “Like” the button. (prob’ly you may have some more interesting reasons for clicking the Like” button). At times, even before reading the complete article I have clicked the like button (including one An obituary /death notice :-o   [then later I realized, regretted and did a unlike J ]. We have become such addictive to the ‘liking’ in Facebook.

Btw, Do you know that the ‘like’ button on Facebook was previously named ‘Awesome’? . For a more detailed history of the like button, check out this link. Anyway, I’m not sure if I would have liked the ‘Awesome’ button as much as the ‘like’ button if it had stayed.

Now, I hope you won’t start thinking about the reasons why you click “Like” for my posts ;) Please don’t put reason# 4 on the comment section :P

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3 Comments to "I like the "Like" button"

Madhu said...

Agree, that's the fact many times. But you wrote the sad truth with good humor.

Why don't you add a like button for your posts. I'd love to click it for the reason#1

Sudarshan Banerjee said...

Funny but fact!

Pon Ganesh said...

Thank you Madhu