Sunday, August 10, 2014

How to use Emoticons on Blogger Posts

If you read through some of my recent posts, you will notice that I use emoticons quite frequently. These emoticons definitely help your blog posts more interactive and interesting. To add emoticons to a blogger post, follow the following steps:

1. Sign in to your blogger blog, and go to Layout > Edit HTML
2. Add the following line of code to the head section of of your template. The best place to insert this code is right before

<script src='' type='text/javascript'/>

The above script will enable you to use Yahoo! Messenger Emoticons and Onion Head Emoticons in your blog. See some example:

Most Yahoo emoticons will work with this, click here for more.

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4 Comments to "How to use Emoticons on Blogger Posts"

Shobhit_skp said...

It works like a charm. Thanks bro.

SAM Jacob said...

I was searching for this so long. Thnx

Rogers said...

This is crappy, not working for me.

Rogers said...

I got the issue. It works only with the public profiles. Won't work with other profiles. Thanks buddy