Sunday, August 3, 2014

Friends & Friendship

Yes, a friend is someone with whom we are our true self. With whom we let down all our guards. With whom we never have to worry how we look, how we dress, whether it’s great or insane…., we just have to be our self. 

He does not push you to be better or bad. He just needs you to be truly you.  He’s the person to whom you can speak anything and everything,  doesn’t matter how bad, how obscene or how insane, you don’t need to filter/fine tune your thoughts and words; He'll still love you, because he knows you. 

You can hurt him, scream at him, fight, irritate him but still he’s always there for you. He will also do everything to ruin your patience, but will never ever let you down to anyone else. 

There’s no other relationship is like friendship. A true friend is always a blessing !

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