Saturday, August 30, 2014

Gardening Without a Garden

I have been missing in action for quite some time! Was too much busy at office, and at home too :). After so many days, right now am sitting at my apartment balcony garden and enjoying a hot tea. Why don’t I write about my “Balcony Garden” itself today ?

If you have been using your balcony/terrace just as a place to dry clothes or only to relax on warm evenings, I may look an odd animal. Both me and my wife (so our kid too) have a quite common interest in gardening (that's the only thing though :P ). Living in an apartment doesn't limit our gardening interest to fade out. We have set-up a small garden at our balconies. These greens not only make my balconies beautiful, but they also feed our body and nourish our soul !.

I developed a liking for gardening ever since I was a child. We used to have a small garden in our house with rows of plants, vegetables, flowers and a few trees. Not just ours, almost all the houses in my village had their backyards as a garden. As kids, we used to spend most of our off-school hours at the gardens , whether I do little gardening or just play with friends, we stayed mostly at the garden areas.

But now I live in Bangalore. With peaking real estate rates, I can’t even think of buying a small patch of ground . So we decided to covert our balconies into little gardens., with a few vegetables, a good collection of herbs and leaves. Not every day , not every meal,.. but still they feed us the most healthy food on the earth.

I love planting and watching the new plants pushing up through the soil every day. It gives so much peace and insight into our lives: a fragile beginning, that with sincere love and patience blossoms into something strong and beautiful that eventually returns to the earth leaving behind seeds and memories that pave the way for even more splendors to follow….What do you say?

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3 Comments to "Gardening Without a Garden"

Jayne said...

Thats great!!! i toolove gardening .
I garden to create life, beauty, fragrence and bounty. . . The cool soil that sifts between my fingers as I plant a seed evokes so many memories of helping my Daddy as he gardened for our family over fifty years ago. It gives me opportunity to feel the worn oak handle of a hoe in my hand and use the same metal watering can he used when I was a kid. It always continues to amaze me and flood me with pride when my plants produce a fruit that I will care for an nuture. It makes us one with nature.

James said...

Good thought and wonderfully written. Setting up my balcony garden is the task for this Sunday :)

Nikil said...

So true. Gardening is one thing which will make you feel so close to God.