Thursday, August 7, 2014

Do Dreams have Meaning ?

Nobody knows why we dream. Physiologists, Religions, Ancestors , ...everyone gives out varied reasons for dreaming. And some people keep it as simple as some nonsense that is created by our brain while "disk fragmenting" of images and scenes that stored in our mind :)

But it’s the fact that most of us believe in dreams, and believe that dreams are some symbolic memos of events that might happened/happen/will happen in our real life .Usually we don’t remember the dreams precisely; if we do and dig deeper - relating them with the incidents from our lives, we could get some interpretation for those dreams!

Nowadays, almost every day some dream wakes me up in the early morning.  And I don’t even able to recollect much about those dreams, except that hollow and empty feeling it leaves with in. After waking up to these ruthless dreams, it doesn’t even feel like I was sleeping the whole night.

I love to dream… dream about anything, but not something that makes me feel so unfilled. It's usually said that dreams have meanings and can be encrypted. So these of mine have any meaningless meaning… ? 

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