Wednesday, August 6, 2014

CWG 2014 - Fantastic Performance Team India !!!

Happy that India finished-off at a creditable fifth position,  with 15 gold, 30 silver and 19 bronze for a total list of 64 medals. This is the 3rd highest medal achievement after 2010 Delhi CWG (101 medals) and 2002 Manchester CWG (69 medals)

India could have easily added a few more medals if archery ,tennis and a few more shooting events had not been dropped-off from the CWG-2014 version . Archery and tennis brought us 12 medals in New Delhi. In shooting, I guess 2 major potential wins have been dropped, that means 14 medals which India won in 2010 are gone straightaway.

Congrats to Team India for a fantastic performance !

One thing that irks me is, why the people who celebrate this 64 medal haul, don't really acknowledge the 101 medals and the second position India acclaimed in New Delhi-2010. Everyone mourns as is because of the homeland advantage. That's not true. See how Scotland performed at home to finish fourth for whom Glasgow is the home. They are still behind Australia , Canada and England. Let’s accept, that India definitely has the talent to showcase wherever they go, irrespective of the ground.

Again, I don’t understand why our media is blowing up the arrest of two Indian CWG officials by the Scotland Police, on charges of alleged assault and drunk driving. It’s unfortunate, we can’t change a few ignorant government officials :(  .

When we have so many things to be happy (a big list of achievements including a few exceptional record -breaks),  let’s cheer-up man !!!. Don’t always be in a criticizing mood, for the sake of media publicity. Pls stop screaming about the unfortunates’.

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