Saturday, August 9, 2014

Are Men Unskilled at House Work & Child Care?

It’s Saturday, but am still breaking my head in office. At least had a relaxed lunch with my colleagues, and this was the topic of the day.

"According to a recent survey within Indian Corporate, married moms who work full-time spend an average of 83% of their time caring for their kids, whereas fathers working full-time spend just 52 minutes on their kids per day, that too  only 55% of those fathers spent that amount of time on a regular basis."

OK, all men in our group agreed the above statement seems quite obvious, revealing what most mothers are suspecting for a very long time that fathers are lazy. However, some other interesting arguments came-up.

One girl (sorry, mother:), disagreed that it’s not only the laziness, it’s also about the skill / ability to handle the kid and household works. She argued that most of the moms have a fear to leave their child with dads, since they are not capable of handling them.

Some guys bounced back that it’s not about ability and infact, dads can take care of the kids very well and keep them more happier than mom. And in household work too, men are superior start from the Garden to Kitchen. It’s just the women who want to maintain hard image on "managing home”, intentionally keeping the responsibility always with them :)

Of course, we won the argument since guys outnumbered the girls over there. But how many of us are really good in managing household work and kids? How well we know about the kids’ food and routines? If the woman goes out for a day or two and let dad run things at home, how well we can handle? Don’t we still bother her with hundred+ calls, asking stuffs like ‘Where do you keep this?’, “how to do this” “When to do”…. etc.

Ok, am half way to admit it , not fully though:)  I will leave you to be the judge for yourself.

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