Wednesday, July 9, 2014

World Cup Semi Final 2 - It's Messi Vs Robben !

Man, Germany has set a new standard for the Semi's :) .I wish, at least today’s battle between Netherlands and Argentina to be an exciting tough fight.

On chart, the Dutch look a bit stronger than the Argentina.... But we never know it’s semi-finals !! Messi could turn the things around and create some magic !!

There’s no doubt about Messi’s magical skills. But, Robben is also vastly talented but a big cheat too!. His acting skills can impress any referee and turn the things in his favor. Argentina may not be used to this game.

Though my mind says’ its Netherland who’s going to win, still my heart wants Argentina to be in the finals. Let’s see whether it’s Messi or Robben who could lead their country to the finals against mighty Germans.

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2 Comments to "World Cup Semi Final 2 - It's Messi Vs Robben !"

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