Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Velaiyilla Pattathari - Movie Review (Tamil)

Writing a movie review after a long time ; that too a Tamil movie for the first time, VIP takes the spot !

Velaiyilla Pattathari is a milestone in Dhanush career – his 25th Film. It's an comedy/drama flick,  on the plot of rising unemployment and growing frustration among the youth., Movie is produced by Dhanush and directed by cinematographer, Velraj.

The whole story is around Dhanush , a civil engineering graduate who is still in search for a job while his younger brother is already working and earning well. Dhanush wants to work only in the field he studied for - Civil Engineering. Finally he gets job in his field, but there he faces trouble from the villain in a public welfare construction project. How Dhanush beats the villain and complete the building construction work is the remaining story.

Amala Paul plays the role of a doctor, while Samuthirakani and Saranya Ponvannan are cast as Dhanush's parents.The performance of Samuthirakani is decent ; tired of watching Saranya in Mom character :( Anirudh's backdrop score is so noisy, but anyway most of the audiences like that blast.

The screenplay is good.,especially the first half (2nd half is more cinematic). Anyways, nice to see Dhanush back to his "Yaradi Nee Moghini" form, must be quite refreshing after his acclaimed (but box office failed) ventures like Mayakam Enna, 3 and Mariyan.

Director Velraj made a decent debut as director. Dhanush seems to be hitting the magic at Box Office after a few years !

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2 Comments to "Velaiyilla Pattathari - Movie Review (Tamil)"

Ck said...

This reminds me of my final years in college when I used to hate the coding stuff and yearned to work for electronics- then 3 years into career and I repented for that move :)

Pon Ganesh said...

true, even i was in the same league !, Ignored a better offer from CTS ; joined a small electronics company , and still regretting for that mistake :)

Btw, How are CK, hows life in the US. did not get a chance to talk after your marriage. Its' bn a long time !