Monday, July 21, 2014

Steps to buy a Used Bike in Bangalore

Was trying to buy a used 2-wheeler in Bangalore; but had no idea on how to start about and on the procedures/legal formalities involved with. After a big round of investigation with some of the experts/colleagues/brokers, now i got a clarity on the whole buying process. 

Thought of sharing so that it may help some of you.
  1. Meet the seller 
  2. Get the bike properly checked by your mechanic
  3. Check documents
    • RC book (registration book which has the one time tax paid entry also in it with receipt number and RTO's stamp on it).
    • Check if the RC book has a stamp of the loan by any bank HPA with(bank's name) ... bank seal. If the seal is there you need form 35 signed and stamped along with the NOC letter from the bank stating the loans are clear.(the RTO charges a nominal amount for canceling the loan entry in the RC book)
    • Valid Insurance (which is mostly transferable on the new buyer's the name) you need seller's sign on the insurance transfer letter for the same. Ensure the transfer paper is there ready and signed.
    • PUC valid and updated.
    • check the chassis numbers and the engine numbers on the RC book are matching with the machine.If you feel lazy and still confused just go to the concerned RTO/RTA office and get your papers checked from some agent or some clerk.
  4. check the transfer papers and get it signed
    • Transfer papers in form of FORM 29,30 AND 28 (one copy of 29,one of 30 and 3 copies of 28,28 is required only if you need the NOC to transfer the vehicle to a new city other than the vehicle is already registered in).
  5. Payment
    • Get sales letter cum receipt on the stamp paper for the deal to avoid complications which could arise in the future.You should also sign a delivery-note saying that the vehicle and all the related responsibilities are yours from now onward and give the seller a copy and keep one with yourself. Get the seller's sign on the sale receipt with a copy of his Photo ID.
    • make payment
  6. So what's next? Go with seller to RTO to deposit the forms and collect receipt ?
    • how soon can you get the ownership change paper and NOC from RTO?
    • anything else before the bike is given for a full service ?

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Manish Dwivedi said...

definitely a coolest destination for used bikes in bangalore. I really liked it. You have described very well in points wise. Thanks for sharing it here.

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arpitha das said...

Thanks for sharing...
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