Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Saivam - Movie Review

Watched Saivam a few weeks ago, and even started writing  this post on the same day; but one or the other stuff kept blocking me to complete the post. finally today, am hitting the publish button 

The story of Saivam revolves around three characters Kathiresan (Naseer) , his Granddaughter Tamizh(Sara ) and her pet Rooster Pappa . Kathiresan is expecting his sons and daughters along with their family for the village festival. He is very happy and excited that his entire family of three sons and a daughter are under one roof, but that joy doesn’t last for long , as a few unfortunate incidents occur in the family.

When the family finds out that a Nerthikadan (promise of an offering to God in return for a favour:), which was giving the “Pappa” the Rooster as an offering to their God was a long overdue. But things get even worse as the Rooster goes missing. How the family collapses & recovers after this, is rest of the story.

A clean, fun filled family drama given by Vijay and his team. Vijay has managed to choose some of the best casts for this film, the boy Shravan (don’t know his actual name) , and the house servants were too good. Songs and background score are OK. Clean dialogues and light hearted family moments makes this simple story a good movie.

One the flip side - the duration of the film but being a family drama maybe it needed the extra length. And also am not happy about the main characters performance (Naseer has little underplayed and Sara is a li’l overdose). And couldn’t register other characters in mind (could have selected some known faces). However, I should appreciate the whole team for giving a complete family film, after a long time.

Not a great one; but definitely a decent one time watch!

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