Thursday, July 31, 2014

Running to "Stand Still"

Guys, It's not about U2's popular rock track "Running to Stand Still". I just picked this title for my ramblings . Too much of sports and movies in the blog for a few weeks, so back to some serious thoughts today.

How many of us have not heard the phrase “When will you settle in your life ?” or “You should settle in your life”.

During the school & college days, everyone from your mom, dad, relatives, neighbors, neighbor’s neighbor :)… literally everyone would have advised you to settle in life. What do they really mean by settling in life ? . Without understanding much, I also nodded myself that I should settle in my life !

But as the time moves on, now I observe that the word “settle” is also keep moving. It involves constant change at every phase of your life.

When you’re in the final year of the college education, you’d have heard “Get a good job and settle in your life”. After lot of hard work and struggles,  you get a decent job.

Then everyone will start “You should get married and settle in life”. After getting married, within months parents and relatives urge “When you will get kids and settle in your life ?”. Yeah, now you have a beautiful kid too.

Then, all friends and relatives say “Wow! great! you’ve a lovely kid ; A great family. Now why don’t you get a decent two bedroom apartment and settle down in your life ?”

After so much pressure , You take 40-50 lakh loan. Work hard to pay-off your EMI’s , Work 24 hours in office ; Sacrifice the time for your kid and wife ; forget about your vacations and holidays; don't even get a chance to think about your old friends, and start living on a mechanical routine for the next 15-20 years.

By the time you complete your loan, your kids will be grown-ups. By this time, the word “Settle” would have deeply penetrated inside your brain and will make you to yell on your kid as “You should settle in your life” on his school/college final years :(

Now you see, how one word has made you into nothing but a money making machine. If you make all the money without being happy then there is no point working in a job or living in a million dollar apartment, right?. The word “settle” has killed all your happiness and peace to the root and still made you think that what you are doing is right. Doesn't that sound ridiculous ? Yes it does. But this is the reality.

How many of us are willing to break this social pressure and live a pressure free / worry life?. Me neither !!!

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