Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Indian Railway Budget 2014

How many of you have gone through the first Railway Budget of Modi's government? Ok, lazy people like me can read the highlights of the union budget here

It doesn't feels like a populist budget, where there are only announcements and no implementations. This seems to be a budget made with a future Vision. Many of the new proposals (that’s presented in todays’ budget) should have been implemented years ago. 

But at the same time, where are the action/execution plans for the visions ? As moneycontrol.com describes, it is “Clear on path as much as unclear on detail”. We’ll have to wait and see how much really is feasible and made possible by this new government!
~  OK, enough of serious economics , let me share something lighter. As usual the budget was the topic of today’s lunch. And see below some of the super recommendations from my friends/colleagues , that are missed in todays’ railway budget  ~

Must have's that are missed in the Railway Budget 2014:
  1. Need seat belt for the toilets in the train (it’s a must, huh?)
  2. Little longer chain, which is holding the mug in toilet  (yes, verymuch needed :)
  3. Drum for spitting specially when it enters Bihar , West Bengal
  4. Comb with long handle to start the fans
  5. Automatic adjustment of passenger watches as per train delay. Declare it train light saving ! 
  6. Provision to open window in AC coach
  7. A mat near toilet area for all wait listed passengers, it’s so sticky man !
Do you want to add some more :) 

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Anitha Rajakani said...

very funny..enjoyed a lot