Friday, July 11, 2014

Grow-up Sharapova haters !

Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp ….everywhere there was a cry on Maria Sharapova’s comments about Sachin. Don’t you feel, we just over react?

A few days ago, in a press meet, Maria Sharapova mentioned that she had no idea on who Sachin was. There’s nothing fishy about it; and that matter should have ended there itself. What is wrong, if a Russia born lady living in the USA does not know about our Sachin Tendulkar.

How many of us Indians know about our own legendary players? One of my colleagues had no idea on who Mary Kom is. Another guy saying Mahesh Bhupathi plays Olympic :) (Olympics is now a sport and not a sporting event). How many of us know about Baichung Bhutia? Pankaj Advani?

Grow-up Indians! Especially, the stupid Indian media who can write/telecast any crap just for their TRP rating.

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