Sunday, June 29, 2014

Thunai Ezhuthu [துணையெழுத்து]

I had heard a lot about "Thunai Ezhuthu". But never took a chance to get the book, till I read an episode in a two years old Ananda Vikatan magazine, laying on a book trash.

After reading that one episode, I told myself  “it’s not a book for a light reading or for a travel time pass. I should read when my daughter and wife are asleep and when the whole world around me, has nothing but silence.”  Very soon, I got such a rare occasion and I started sinking into the words of S.Ra.

Yes, my instincts are correct. He took me to another world which is never seen or felt by us. Yet he uses very simple language.A beautifully written book on various human emotions in multiple short chapters/stories.

If you want to get a sense of what life is - beyond our little circle of living and relationships, you must go through this book. Writer S.Rama Krishnan  is an intelligent spectator, a amazing interpreter, an excellent connector and above all a extraordinary narrator.

Every piece of writing in this book is very powerful and I am pleased that I picked the book at least now.

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