Saturday, June 28, 2014

This is Phishing Season in India

There has been a flood of phishing emails received in my inbox in the last 2 months. (thanks to Gmail app which filters most of them appropriately).

With high rate of internet propagation and online bank usage, these phishing emails are also on an all-time high. I am just wondering how knowledgeable is our normal Indian public in handling these kind of frauds and how efficient are our Cyber laws dealing with such scams.

In the recent times, I had received phishing emails received in the name of many well renowned corporates from the United States, United Kingdom, Australia and even a lot from the names of ICICI Bank /AXIS, asking me to enter/ validate some of my account information. Interestingly these mailers look so genuine and can easily make fool of many.

Though Banks have been educating the user about Phishing, stating that they never ask for users access details, but not sure how much it reached the public. Also, how strong are the cyber laws in India and for any investigation to happen the investigation agencies has to tech savvy to understand the technicalities behind the fraud. 

God save our innocent people !

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