Thursday, June 26, 2014

Experience the

I just heard about through a contest mailer from #Indiblogger. It was pleasant experience navigating the site. Its all about your lovely cars and your long drive experiences with them.

The below pictures say it all!


As the name declares, it’s a connect site, connecting all the car owners who love their cars. You can read so many exciting experiences and trip stories all around the site.Though CarConnect site needs some improvements like additional login gateways (as of now only Facebook is the only Gateway to login) and uploading images in same area where we write our experience other than uploading it separately, I’m sure it’ll be taken into consideration and will look great in near future!

Car lovers, just visit this site once and you can spend more time in here. Who knows, some stories may inspire you to pack-up and go for a long trip immediately :)

Go on! Keep connected @

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