Saturday, June 2, 2012

Trip to Shenzhen, China

I recently went on a trip to Shenzhen, China. I guess, Shenzhen doesn’t need any introduction- It’s the unofficial head quarters of the Chinese electronics industry, and is a major city in Guangdong province, located just to the north of Hong Kong on the Chinese mainland.

 I landed at Hongkong; and took a beautiful oversea road trip to reach #Shenzhen. Shenzhen is well connected; there are multiple ways of getting from Hong Kong to Shenzhen which include the train, ferry and bus. With the two regions being close together, many people move daily between the two.

The HKG-China border is not far from the HK airport. The Shenzhen Bay Crossing is much easier; both Hong Kong and China immigration officers are located in the same building. There they checked the passport & Chinese visa to enter into China. But was totally surprised that I did not even get down from the taxi to go to the immigration; our driver collected all our passport and handed over to the immigration counter (He also didn’t get down from the car). They stamped all the passport and gave back to us.

Soon after crossing the border, we saw the most beautiful view and enjoyed an awesome ride. It was about 20-30minutes of ride above the sea waters., and was just enjoying (as well learning) the China-HKG cross border traffic and the amount of carriage ships on water. These water seemed to be one of the busiest, would have seen millions of carriage ships in the 30 minutes. No wonder China is the manufacturing house of the world !

Well, in about another 15-20 minutes, I reached my hotel which was almost at the centre of the city. Though the travel was short, I was dead tired, just unpacked my luggage, had a good bathe and wrapped down myself in to the bed. Done for the day :)

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