Friday, June 1, 2012

About Shenzhen...

Shenzhen doesn’t have any longer history; it was just a small fishing village 30 years ago. After China’s reform and open policy in 1980s , it has over grown so fast, to reach the level to the 4th largest city of china , in terms of it’s economy/revenue.  

The whole city was well planned and newly built (keeping as an alternate to the nearby Hongkong ? :).So you won’t get a feel of a native China town, like Beijing or Shanghai!.

Electronics trade and manufacturing is the major business – If the phrase "made in China" seems very familiar to all of us, Yes!!, this city has contributed a lot for that :). I should write a separate post on their electronic industry.

It also features a few tourist places to attract the foreign visitors. Most of them are like theme parks, shopping and eating resources, coastal villa area, etc. Among It’s attractions, the most famous are the Window of World, Splendid China, Chinese Folk Cultural Village, and Happy Valley.

Local people also recommended to go for #Dameisha, #Xiaomeisha, the Ocean World and Dapeng Peninsula are also the main travel spots. Especially, the #DapengPeninsula is elected as one of the 8 most beautiful coastlines in China by China National Geography. But, I didn’t get a chance to visit them as my stay was short :(

Will write more about the places I visited and the stay over there in the coming posts.

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