Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Sea World, Shenzhen

On a Friday evening, my Chinese friends took me out for a dinner to the place called “Sea World”, which is located at Shekou near the coast border of the city.

When he mentioned the word “Sea World”, I thought it’s sort of a Water park or some underwater attraction. But later I discovered an entirely different thing. There was a huge old iconic ship (but not floating; it’s on land), turned into restaurant cum hotel? Heard that it’s is the ship of Republic’s President - Charles De Gaulle (not sure, how true it is!). What boggles my mind was not the origin of the ship but rather that someone hauled it inland and has docked it in a man-made lake at a shopping center.

It’s a very modern, safe and clean park with many bars, coffee outlets, and restaurants located at the seafront in Shekou, Shenzhen. Foods from all over the world are available, ranging Chinese, Italian, American, Mexican, Brazilian, Indian… etc. The prices here are very cheap by Chinese standard. There was also a beautiful show at the pool of water with fire, smoke and lasers.

But somehow, I personally did not find this place quite exciting as my idea of China is that “it must be and look like China :) “. This place is no way look like China.

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