Wednesday, October 6, 2010

This time it’s “Chicago”

Sep-6 was Labor Day here. Wow… One more long weekend in the US!!!. This time we decided to GO .. CHICAGO. We pledged to spend the whole three days at Chicago and enjoy each and every part of it.

Our first destination was the Millennium Park.

Millennium Park is located in the heart of downtown Chicago. It is an award-winning center for art, music, architecture and landscape design. The whole park is filled with art and architecture miracles.

"Cloud Gate" sculpture (by British artist - Anish Kapoor) near entry to park: Chicagoans affectionately call the sculpture as "the Bean". The bean reflects our image and we could see ourselves in the middle of all amazing buildings of Chicago.

....... (Our reflections in the Bean) .......

The Crown Fountain :It's a public fountain in the Park.The fountain has two 50-foot glass block towers with video of human faces, at each end of a shallow reflecting pool.They are definitely a great hit with the kids.

There is a large ultra clean lawn for Music concerts, picnicking,and relaxing.All in all, a great green space that is created in between a great view of the city and great view of the lake. This is something not to be missed in Chicago.

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