Sunday, September 26, 2010

I love My BBY Storm!

I’m not a gadget guy. But, still something called “Blackberry” has always tempted me. And ..,yeah,now I’m a proud owner of a Blackberry Storm – the first touch screen blackberry.

Just got my Blackberry Storm last night, Oh! just excited to hold the phone. The most amazing screen I have ever seen. The screen is awesome and plenty responsive.

The best e-mail management, Stereo Bluetooth capability, Removable battery, Expandable memory, Video recording...(and importantly:-) Copy & paste texting options,Multitasking.... and what not ?

Overall the phone is an amazing piece of work. It is very solidly built and has a nice finish to it.

I was always thinking that, BBY was just for super corporate guys who needed to be “connected” all the time .But, this Storm also has enough multimedia features so that it appeals to a normal mobile phone user like me:-)

I would love to own this piece of equipment "Storm" as my first smart phone.. My first Blackberry experience is living up to be a great one.

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