Friday, October 8, 2010

Adler Planetarium

After we left the Field Museum, we headed down the street and entered Adler Planetarium. - America’s first planetarium.

The Planetarium has tons of rockets and spacecrafts. Wide varieties of telescopes were displayed on Static and in theatrical shows. Great Moon mission is completely put on view. I was pleasantly surprised to see various displays incorporating meteorites and moon rocks.

Our City Pass included 2 shows so we watched “Night Sky Live” and “Great observatories -3D Show”. “Night Sky Live” in the Sky Theater was spectacular and remarkable. It was a virtual tour into the space through Stars, Planets and Galaxies.

But, the Planetarium was not that impressive to me; feel like somewhat old one.They really need to upgrade upto current advancements. I think the outside of the planetarium – bay area of Lake Michigan is a nicer tourist attraction and place to hang out than the actual planetarium.

The view outside on the Planetarium lawn and stairs of the lakefront was awesome.

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