Friday, July 16, 2010

Hanging Rock - Salamonie Reservoir

This week it’s obvious that the warmer weather made us to avoid any long trips and we decided to look around our own town- Huntington 46750. Throwing a dart at the map, we decided our target as upper Wabash region.

Our first spot was “Hanging Rock”.

It is an undercut limestone rocks that heights nearly 90 feet above the Wabash River. What makes the rock so unusual is the fact that it seems wholly out of place in the flat and agriculture-infested landscape of the area.

We climbed to the top of the rock on a worn path. (Though it’s not that tall ) Once on top, with no handholds or guardrails, the feeling was enough to induce a small fear within us.

The view from top was expansive. A few snaps on the top of the rock; we climbed down and got ready for the next target Salamonie Dam.

Back in the car, we drove south for two miles into the thick Salamonie State Forest; heading towards the Reservoir of the same name.

The state forest road to the reservoir was so thrilling with enough bends and spills. We could see many people camping in that thick forest out-skirts. There are some recreational stuff like horse riding, fishing, and a Children park around the dam.

After enjoying the scenic beauty of the waters and forest for an hour; we drove back through the gorgeous forest over the delighting late evening sunlight.

A wonderful day!

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