Saturday, July 10, 2010

Date Night (2010)

Last night, we watched “Date Night” by Shawn Levy, Staring: Steve Carell, Tina Fey...

The couple- Phil and Claire Foster (Carell and Fey) are a sensible, loving couple with two kids. They’re still in love but they secretly afraid the other will file for divorce at any moment due to their dreary lifestyle.

Determined to break out of their funk, Phil and Claire go for a date night in the city. As they hopelessly wait for a table at a completely booked restaurant, Phil decides they should take the table of an absent party, the Tripplehorns.

Unfortunately, the Tripplehorns are mixed up in some bad business and a case of mistaken identity forces Phil and Claire to run for their lives and get off the hook before they get exhausted by the criminal gang and cops.

The script is not that great; but the real laugh comes from the actors delivering the dialog with personality and wit. Not laugh out loud the whole time, but consistent laughs throughout.We just enjoyed the complete 1.5hours of fun.

I would recommend to watch @ 7/10.

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